Our License

ShotStash.com photographs come with a CC0 license, meaning they are offered free for both personal and commercial use without attribution or limitations. 

CC0 License

The Key Points of the CC0 License
  • You can use any CC0 licensed photo for personal or commercial purposes.
  • You can use, copy, edit, or share a CC0 licensed photo.
  • You can use a CC0 licensed photo without purchase, permission, or giving attribution to the creator of the work. We do always encourage attribution, but isn’t required.
  • You can’t advertise the photograph(s) as your own work or portray yourself as the author of said work.

This license page covers the key points of the CC0 license. You can view the explicit legal terms of the license here.

By downloading a photograph from ShotStash.com you agree to all of the terms stated on this page.


What constitutes commercial use?

Images from ShotStash.com can be used for almost any commercial design projects, including most forms of digital or printed creative, social media, blogs, web design, app design, WordPress themes, PSD and HTML templates, printed books, magazines, posters, etc.

Do you need to provide attribution?

No, but attribution is welcomed and encouraged, particularly for commercial WordPress themes and web templates. If you are unable to provide attribution, we ask that you share this website with colleagues and friends wherever you can, such as social media and blog posts. The more this website is shared, the more images we can share with you.

Can I use ShotStash’s photo downloads as part of my design or website resources for resale?


Can I use your images for the cover of my book?


Commercial Image Usage Considerations

Brand Awareness

Some of our photos may contain products from well-known brands and companies that have registered trademarks. All trademarks must be respected and acknowledged.

Model Releases

ShotStash provides real-world photography. This means that any photos we provide containing people may not be model-released. Consequently, these images may not be suitable for some types of commercial usage.

Property Rights

Some images may contain private buildings that are owned by private companies with image and property rights. These images may not be suitable for some types of commercial usage, as you would need the permission of the company in question in order to legally publish the images.

Prohibited Usage

You may not use our images for pornographic, unlawful or other immoral purposes, or in a way that can give a bad name to depicted persons, or to imply endorsement of products and services by identifiable persons, brands or organizations.


ShotStash.com cannot be held responsible for any copyright violations that may arise from incorrect or inappropriate use of any images downloaded from this website. All users of ShotStash.com download and use our images at their own risk, and are entirely responsible for subsequent image usage and application.